Cars 2 on track to become Pixar’s first Rotten film

Cars 2 will almost certainly become Pixar’s first “Rotten” film according to the Tomatometer. Who could’ve imagined a film with Dreamworks Face in every poster starring Larry the Cable Guy as the voice of a tow truck wouldn’t be a critical darling? Why, that’d be like trying to predict whether Larry the Cable Guy will wear sleeves. |RottenTomatoes|

Cars 2 and Bad Teacher are the movies that are opening this weekend. I don’t have time to do a Weekend Movie Guide, I’m sorry. In fairness, I did have the Bad Teacher writers on the Frotcast. |Yahoo|

Men in Black 3 will cost $215 million (that’s NET PRODUCTION BUDGET, supposedly). Money well spent, I’m sure. Can’t wait for the Wild Wild West reboot. |TheWrap|

King of Kong director Seth Gordon remaking War Games. Notice I was nice and didn’t call him “Four Christmases director Seth Gordon.” I’ll tell you how I feel about this idea when we find out whether his newest film, Horrible Bosses, is any good. So far, it’s… not looking good (though I do love Colin Farrell). Make Billy Mitchell the villain in all movies from now on.  The man is a nefarious hot sauce magnate. That sh*t will never, ever get old. |Deadline|

E from Entourage wants to direct a Kimbo Slice biopic. Kimbo would play himself (Note: this is never going to happen). No joke, I pitched a Kimbo Slice profile five years ago for a job I didn’t get.  That was before I realized people wanted to be told stories they’ve already heard. It’s like the inner me, was the enemy. The INNER me, was the ENERmy.  The INNER me. Was the ENNERMY.  But good luck to Kevin Connolly as a director. The fact that he’s completely unlikable as an actor is a big part of the reason Entourage isn’t very good. |TheWrap|

Here’s KRS-One reviewing Bad Teacher:

He liked it so much he almost sounds like Sony’s marketing department talking points.  The Pete Hammond of hip hop?