Channing Tatum Is Our Blood Brother

Last we heard from Channing Tatum – the hardest workin’, twerkin’, lay it down flip it and reversin’ man in show bizzna$ty – he was getting busy as a colonial American spy, attending his Ten Year, getting Rachel McAdams’ memory back, showing Alex Pettyfer the stripper game, going undercover in 21 Jump Street, and saving the rec center from Captain Hook. And if all of that wasn’t enough, he’s now working with director Sergei Bodrov on the suspenseful Russian thriller Blood Brothers.

Sometimes Tatum just makes this way too easy.

The project has been sold to Chernin Entertainment (”Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes,” Spielberg’s upcoming TV project “Terra Nova”) as a pitch with Bodrov and Nazarian set to pen the script together. Two-time Oscar-nominated Bodrov (”Prisoner Of The Mountains,” “Mongol”) has been flirting with a number of Hollywood-backed projects in recent times—one of which was the Christian Bale-starring “The Last Photograph,” based on an original script by Zack Snyder—and seemingly has the second part of his gestating Genghis Khan trilogy always on the horizon. In Tatum and this Russian tale, however, it looks like the helmer has found an avenue to explore his own sensibilities within the framework of a Hollywood epic. So what’s it all about? No idea, as details are being kept tight for now. (Via Indiewire)

That’s because they don’t have the hotline to C-Tates’ Boost Mobile, son. I axed C-Tates for the inside scoop about Blood Brothers and he was quick to reply…

Yo girl, check dis sh*t, aight? Dis Russian dude, Sogay, is all like, Yo C-Tates comrade, like, I wanna chill wit u an sh*t, and I’m all like, Yo playboy, in Russia rec center saves you, right? Yakov and all dat sh*t, for real. So he’s like, I’mma make dis Blood Brothers and I want you in it. I’m like, Fo realz? Ever since I was a lil C-Tate grindin’ my sh*t on da playgrounds in Alabama, I knew I was gonna be a blood like my boy Coolio. But check it girl, dis sh*t’s about suspense and I ain’t talkin’ bout Cube’s 6-4, heard? Homeboy been played, son. Yo girl, I ain’t been dis upset since I found out my next project Latin Kings be about musicians.