Crazy Pancake Raps & Morning Links

This white dude rapping about pancakes is the biggest thing on the internet right now. Yes, he raps really well, but let us not overlook the fact that his subject matter is breakfast foods. All I’m saying is that this should be encouraged.

A tribute to our outgoing editor, Matt Ufford. |Warming Glow|

St. Petersburg Tops List As America’s Saddest City |Smoking Section|

This Week in Posters. |FilmDrunk|

Kate Upton Took A Tour Of The New Madison Square Garden |With Leather|

Lady Gamers Put Out More…Errr…Have More Sex |UPROXX|

Six Videos of Floppy Drives Singing |Gamma Squad|

11 Reasons Why Lifting The U.S. Horse-Meat Ban Is A Good Thing |Buzzfeed|

The history of the world in stop motion. |dogandponyshow|

Someone explains why pennies should be abolished, as if we really needed it explained. I treat them like rat turds. |TheDailyWhat|

This kids hates Tom Brady. But he’s so handsome! |Videogum|

Another batch of pictures where January Jones isn’t handling her own child. |TheSuperficial|

Seven movies that became unlikely musicals. |ScreenJunkies|

Holy Taco picks the best presents of 2011. |HolyTaco|

The 13 most insane Mexican food-related crimes. |Ranker|

A Gallery of Pitch Perfect Daria Cosplay |Unreality|

Community Credits x Parks & Recreation |NextRound|

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