Denver Men Pull Off Real Life ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’

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09.16.11 19 Comments

Robert Young and Mark Rubinson were just trying to get ahead in this dog-eat-dog world when they decided to have a little fun for once. They gassed up their car, grabbed their good friend Jeffrey Jarrett, and headed out for a night on the town that none of them would ever forget. Well, except maybe Jarrett, because he was dead already. For a month.

Rubinson and Young have been arrested for abusing a corpse, identity theft, and criminal impersonation after they went bar-hopping with their dead friend and used his debit card to pay for their crazy night. It is unknown, though, if they encountered any hitmen or voodoo priests.

“Taking a deceased person in a car, I mean, it just seems totally wrong,” said Jarrett’s family member.

“I’m horrified, I’m absolutely, I can’t even put in to words, I can’t imagine anybody thinking that maybe their friend is in trouble and not calling 911,” said Jarrett’s family member. (Via CBS Denver)

I’ve included a video of the news report after the jump, but here’s a quick rundown:

  • Jarrett died a month ago and these guys found his body but never bothered telling anyone about it.
  • A month later, they decided to go bar-hopping on Jarrett’s debit card, so they picked his dead body up and drove it around in the car with them, as opposed to just taking his card.
  • They left his dead body in the car when they went into each bar, which I guess is the smartest thing they did, albeit wholly disappointing.
  • They ended their night at Shotgun Willie’s strip club, where they withdrew $400 to get freaky.

I guess if you’re going to party, party hard.

Also, what’s up, Valerie Castro?

(Hat tip to Buzzfeed.)

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