Did Shaq Teach Us Nothing? Kevin Durant Made A Horrible Movie

UGH. That’s about all I can say about this. I mean, I’m sitting here pulling for the Oklahoma City Thunder to win the NBA Finals, regardless of which team comes out of the East, and now that I’ve seen the trailer for Thunderstruck, I might be reconsidering that. Kevin Durant is making his acting debut in this story of an NBA star who transfers his talent to a goofy white kid when they touch a basketball at the same time.


Well, you can guess how it all goes. The goofy kid, who looks like Justin Long’s sister, becomes the coolest guy at school when he takes the basketball team all the way or something. And then the hot girls suddenly dig him, because “OMG, he’s a douchebag but he can ball”. But poor Durant, he sucks now so his team and career are doomed. So they hilariously try to switch back and it doesn’t work and Durant just lets the kid have his talent, which is exactly how it would happen in real life.

There’d be no corpses in a Louisiana swamp at all.