Die Hard 5 officially titled ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’

Tom Rothman, CEO of Fox’s film division, was a guest on Jim Rome’s radio show this morning, where he revealed that the title of the upcoming fifth Die Hard movie will be “A Good Day to Die Hard.” After that, Rome kept calling him “Tanya” until he flipped over a table. Seriously though, what the hell was that guy doing on Jim Rome?

In any case, this means that before settling on A Good Day to Die Hard, Rothman and Fox must’ve rejected any number of “die” title puns, which may or may not have included:

  • Die Hard Another Day
  • Live and Let Die Hard
  • 2000 Ways to Die Hard
  • Romeo Must Die Hard
  • Die, Die, Die Hard My Darling
  • To Die Hard For
  • Funny or Die Hard
  • Get Rich or Die Hard Tryin’
  • John Tucker Must Die Hard
  • The Quick and the Die Hard
  • Things to Do in Denver When You’re Die Hard
  • The Die Harder They Come
  • Die Hard Ticket to Hawaii
  • Damn, Girl, You’re Gettin’ Me So Die Hard Right Now
  • To Live and Die Hard in LA
  • Boys Don’t Cry Hard
  • Pie Hard
  • Schindler’s Die Hard

Meanwhile, here’s some actual information that was revealed:

  • Shooting begins in January 2012
  • The sequel will be released on February 14th, 2013 (Presidents Day weekend)
  • The story is set in Russia and will involve John McClane’s adventure to save his son John McClane, Jr.,
  • McClane, Jr. has yet to be cast.
  • They still don’t know if it will be rated PG-13 or R.
  • John Moore (Max Payne, The Omen, Behind Enemy Lines) was chosen by Willis to direct.
  • Skip Woods (Swordfish, Hitman X-Men Origins: WolverineA-Team) wrote the screenplay. [SlashFilm]

From the director of Max Payne and the writer of Hitman, oh boy. I hope they get C-Tates to play McClane’s son. And instead of McClane he goes by “MC Clane.”