Director of Bridesmaids wrote a scene for The Amazing Spider-Man

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04.25.12 4 Comments

The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3rd, with Sony promising it will tell “the untold story” of Spider Man, which will totally be different than the origin story they already told in Spider-Man and has nothing to do with Sony not wanting the rights to revert to Marvel, we swear you guys, like seriously. Sony also hired new writers for the sequel to rewrite a draft by current writer James Vanderbilt, which doesn’t seem like a huge vote of confidence before the first movie has even come out, but that’s neither here nor there. As for the current product, it seems Freaks and Geeks creator/Bridesmaids director Paul Feig got to contribute:

“I’m looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man,” Feig told Vulture last night at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Take This Waltz. In fact, Feig is such a good friend of that film’s director, Marc Webb, that he even did a little previously unrevealed punch-up work for it: “He’s a great guy, he invited me on set, and I did a little bit of writing for that movie, for one of the high school scenes, so I’m excited.” [Vulture]

Feig declined to reveal further the nature of the scene in question, but my sources tell me it features Peter Parker eating some bad Indian food and shitting up his Spider-Man suit. He really has a knack for those “embarrassing high school moments!”

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