Donate your DVDs to Texas Children's Hospital

Obviously, I don’t want this site to become some sort of philanthropy. My cold, black heart needs crude to pump through my shriveled veins, and the black gold doesn’t come cheap. What I’m saying is, I’m not planning to make a habit of it, but this one charitable-ish endeavor seemed relevant to our interests. I defer to TheSuperficial for the rundown:

Imagine you’re a little kid battling cancer and one of the few things making your chemo treatments just a little less scary and painful is watching one of your favorite movies the nice nurse at the hospital puts on for you. Now imagine you arrive one morning and all the movies are gone. That happened this week when some Kardashian of a person (worst insult I could think of) completely cleaned out all the DVDs at the Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center.  [apparently, this part of the story is not true. See below. -Ed] Fortunately, the Layla Grace Childrens’ Cancer Research Foundation has stepped up and is collecting new and used DVDs to restock the cancer center. So let’s see if we can take a break from being douchebags on the Internet and hook them up with an awesome collection. And, hell, maybe a couple of Playstations or 3DSs to all you rich people reading the site. Here’s the mailing address if you want to chip in:

Layla Grace Foundation
12320 Barker Cypress Rd
Suite 600 #264
Cypress, Tx 77429

They’ll be collecting through the end of September. Keep the DVDs rated G/PG. Amazon gift cards are welcome and if you’re worried about sending duplicates, they’ll send the extras to other parts of the children’s hospital.

Welp, that sounds little a pretty good cause to me. Plus, who wants those old DVDs anyway? I gotta make room for all my new porn. See? Everyone wins.

UPDATE: Texas Children’s Hospital says in a statement, “While we do have DVDs go missing from time to time, we did not experience a mass theft. We are deeply appreciative and amazed by the outpouring of support from the community. Donations – monetary and otherwise – are always needed and appreciated.” Okay, so it looks like they didn’t get robbed. But it still seems like a good cause.