Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Played With Himself At The International Toy Fair

The 109th American International Toy Fair took place this past weekend in New York City, and among the offerings were new action figures related to the upcoming films G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Battleship and The Avengers. Better luck next year, The Descendents Nerf rocket launcher.
On hand to debut their toys were some of the stars of the movies mentioned, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Alexander Skårsgard and Chris Evans. But for the toymakers that didn’t have the luxury of B-list actors hamming it up for the cameras, choosing the toys to bank their futures on is all about what your Cheetos-inhaling brats are into from one minute to the next.

“Toymakers continue to innovate at the speed of light to keep up with trends in other areas – from pop culture to technology – because they know that kids want to be a part of the mix and mimic what’s happening in the world around them,” said Adrienne Appell, TIA’s in-house trend expert. “The toy industry draws upon economic and birth rate data to determine price points and product lines, which accounts for the prevalence this year of big-ticket items and toys for infants and pre-school children.” (Via Market Watch)

That’s dead on. In fact, over the weekend I visited my two-year old niece and purchased her the Kim Kardashian Play-Doh Ass Factory. It’s a far cry from my Pogo Ball.
Not much has changed, though, when it comes to the action figure, which is why these stars were so excited to check out their likeness in a 6-inch figurine, or as it’s referred to in the biz, a Tom Cruise.

(Images via the AP, Reuters and EW.)
Dwayne Johnson, Adrianne Palicki and DJ Cotrona were on hand to pimp their GI Joe toys. But why no C-Tates?
“I just… I just expected it to be bigger, that’s all.”
Adrianne Palicki, or the younger, more suited for a wet t-shirt contest version of Milla Jovovich.
“Yo girl, I still prefer your Kung Fu grip.”
Peter Berg is way too excited about Taylor Kitsch’s Battleship Lego statue.
Alexander Skarsgard finally showed up after having an orgy in a broom closet.
Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans display their appreciation for paychecks.
Finally, I can bring Scarlett Johansson into my bath tub.
The latest Khloe Kardashian Avengers Gamma Green Hulk Hands.
Cool jet. When I was a kid, I had a toy called my imagination.
I love Batman and I love Legos. Therefore, this is included.
As Legos celebrates its 80th anniversary, the long-awaited Lord of the Rings set is finally being released. Thank God, another reason for fans to not go outside… *searches, purchases*