Een Soviet Russia, Raymond loves YOU

I’d been hearing about this one for a few months now, and finally there’s a trailer to share.  It’s called Exporting Raymond.  It’s a documentary about the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal, who gets called to Moscow to help develop a Russian version of his show. Just imagine all the stupid bullsh*t you’d have to go through in order to develop a show here in America, then set that in Russia, where the biggest television studio apparently has feral dogs roaming the lot, and put the whole thing through Google Translate, and that’s basically this movie.  Suffice to say, I’m sold.

“Thees Raymond, why him funny?  I no think him funny.  And Sergei know funny.  I once kill Chechen weess banana.  …Banana wery rare een Russia.”

Sidenote: Why the f*ck do these marketing people continue to quote Pete Hammond?  You seriously couldn’t find anyone else to say anything nice about this movie?  He’s a professional shill.  The man has all the credibility of a “Who’s Who” book.

[hat tip: Screenjunkies]