Emile Hirsch Has Been Having Some Fun At Shia LaBeouf’s Expense

One of the most (and possibly only) intriguing aspects of whatever the hell Shia LaBeouf has been doing is how little his fellow actors and celebrities seem to be talking about it. Or maybe it’s even stranger that more media types aren’t asking every living, breathing actor and actress what they think about it. Either way, with such a notable actor with high profile roles in films like Nymphomniac, Fury and now Rock the Kasbah repeatedly acting in such a bizarre and plagiaristic manner, you’d think that more people than just Jerry O’Connell would be pointing and laughing.

At least Emile Hirsch isn’t shy about making fun of the stupidity of LaBeouf’s every move, as the Into the Wild star had a little fun on Twitter yesterday at LaBeouf’s expense. Or maybe it was at our expense. Honestly, I’m so confused by all of this ridiculous LaBeoufshit that I don’t even know what to think anymore.

Whatever his point may be, it’s still ten times funnier than anything LaBeouf has said.

(H/T to The Wrap, banner via Getty)