Emily Browning plays a comatose prostitute again

Here’s Australian actress Emily Browning, aka Sucker Punch‘s Baby Doll, in the Cannes poster for the Jane Campion-produced Sleeping Beauty.  While the poster doesn’t show us much (how about a little sideboob there, huh, cowboy?), the synopsis sounds positively delightful:

Browning plays a girl lured into a world of secret prostitutes, who is convinced to take a drug that makes her comatose as clients fulfill their most twisted sex fantasies. |HuffingtonPost|

It doesn’t seem like “secret prostitutes” would make much money. Kind of defeats the purpose.  In any case, we’ve already learned that the fantasy fetish-slut zombie-fighting WWI pterodactyl action in Sucker Punch was actually a perfect metaphor for the mental retreat of child sexual abuse victims during acts of abuse.  Thus, there seems to be a pattern developing in Emily Browning’s choice of roles.  If she’s not careful, she may end up another Jennifer Jason Leigh, or Maria Bello, third slot down on the we-need-a-rape-victim emergency call list every casting director keeps tacked to the office cork board.  Unless it’s just typecasting. She must give off a real I’ll-find-a-way-to-endure-this vibe.