"Fire Pit" Gets the Best of Us – Morning Links

04.16.12 7 years ago

Probably best not to watch at work (source)


Eli Manning mouth-breathed his way though Saturday Night Live. |WithLeather|

If you haven’t done so, check out Frotcast 95 with Laremy Legel |Frotcast|

6 Reasons Being a 30-Year-Old Gamer Isn’t Always So Fun |Gamma Squad|

Steven Spielberg Plays with Laser Cats and Josh Brolin Anonymously Hosts ‘SNL’ |Warming Glow|

Coachella 2012: Watch Performances By A$AP Rocky, Azealia Banks & Childish Gambino |Smoking Section|

The Fat Betty Draper Song Is Finally Here And It Is Glorious |UPROXX|

Celebrities At Coachella Dressed As Hipsters |Buzzfeed|

The World’s Most Perfect Rammstein Cover |Videogum|

Jason Segel Has A Jewish Drawer |HuffPost Comedy|

Flowchart: How Long Would You Survive in a Horror Movie? |College Humor|

Adult Swim Internet Treasures: 15 Best Webcontents of the Week |Adult Swim|

FUSAG: The Ghost Army of World War II |Mentalfloss|

State of California finds Pamela Anderson to be as proficient at managing her finances as you’d expect should would be |Fark|

Emma Watson Doesn’t Look Like A Little Boy Anymore. Sorry, Pedophiles |TheSuperficial|

The 10 Best Comedy Trio Movies |Moviefone|

Ye Olde Transportation of the Day |TheDailyWhat|

What Happened To The Dogs On The Titanic? |The FW|

Life’s Too Short for This Sh*t: 14 Terrible Shows Created by Great TV Minds |Pajiba|

A Gallery of the Best Simpsons Movie Homages |Unreality|

Our 7 Favorite Unintentionally Funny Deaths In Film |ScreenJunkies|

Coachella Hippie Good at Climbing, Bad at Not Falling |Brobible|

Vacuuming Corbin The Corgi |High Definite|

6 of the Whitest Songs Ever |HolyTaco|

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