Frotcast 158: The Case of Paula Deen, and Justin Halpern’s ‘Tweets from My Sick Ride’

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06.27.13 9 Comments


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This week, we’ve got SF comedians Matt Lieb and Juan Medina in the FrotQuarters, and Shit My Dad Says’ Justin Halpern joining us via Skype for a segment called “Tweets from My Sick Ride.” The idea behind that one was that he was going to read tweets from guys bragging about taking their Porsche or Lexus out for a drive, which is surprisingly common. That was the idea, anyway. What actually happened was that his baby starting crying and his dog barking alternately, with such impeccable timing that I’m convinced his life is an actual network sitcom now. That starts at about the 50-minute mark.

We also discuss the Paula Deen controversy and how uncomfortable the entire thing makes us. That starts at about an hour four.

Before that, we talk about the guy who tried to have sex with the loop end of a wrench (see picture) and had to have it cut off his dick with some kind of saw or laser. See below right. Towards the end, we discuss Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color. Slightly before that (an hour twenty-ish), we talk about the phenomenon these days where people don’t think comedians are good people unless they spend their whole act telling you what good people they are.


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Here’s that super-awkward clip of Paula Deen we played. Oh, and news-wise, not a big shocker, but basically this whole thing is playing out exactly how we predicted, where her mainstream sponsors all drop her like a bad habit, and she becomes a conservative icon simply by virtue of people feeling sorry about how all those meanie liberals crucified her. Ugh, what a stupid planet.

On a lighter note, here’s Justin Halpern’s bulldog that you could hear barking in the background. Isn’t she cute? When I stare into that dog’s face I know that at least some things are still right with the world.


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