Frotcast 192: Captain Phillips, The Oscars, And Is The Google Glass Lady Real?

Comedian/recovering heroin addict Matt Lieb joins the crew on this week’s Frotcast. Ben, Vince, and Matt are live from San Francisco, Bret joins us via Skype from New York. We all saw Captain Phillips this week, which we discuss. Matt liked Tom Hanks in shock at the end. Returning from his travels, Vince talks about Berlin, London, and Budapest, and how the locals never take you to eat cuisine of the country you’re in. We talk about the Oscars this Sunday, which Ben and Bret refuse to watch and wonder how anyone can watch it. Matt talks about why he doesn’t like Her, and why he hates museums.

Finally, we wrap things up with a discussion of San Francisco’s Google Glass lady (pictured, above), who said she was a victim of a “hate crime” when people at a bar (Molotov’s) yelled at her and pulled off her Google Glass. Matt wonders if we’re just being mean to her because it seems acceptable because she looks dumb, when pulling off someone’s glasses and bullying them is totally unacceptable behavior. Then we listen to her talk and we all wonder if she’s actually another anti-gentrification group plant meant to represent “clueless techie,” which would actually make a lot of sense. (Like the time they used a fake Google employee at a bus protest.)

Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right click, save as).

Here’s Google Glass Lady’s Twitter background, for instance, which definitely seems a little too good to be true:

Anyway, more news on that as it comes.

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