Frotcast 234: ‘Obvious Child,’ ‘Girls’ Vs. ‘Entourage’

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We’ve got three comedians in the Frotquarters this week to discuss a movie about a comedian, Obvious Child, along with Bret, who hates comedy, story, humans, and existence itself. Asked by his wife what he wants for Christmas, Bret answers “I don’t want to be,” and so she bought him a gift certificate to a sensory deprivation tank. Other topics include Collective Soul Bird, ‘Girls’ Vs. ‘Entourage,’ the commenter-inspired Josh Gad Gad Movie Game, Kid Rock saying rap rock is gay, and lots of weird sex stuff. Guests: Matt Lieb, Vince Mancini, Jane Harrison, and Bret. We ate pizza. Won’t you be our friend?

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Frot on, Space Dockers, and don’t forget to keep it super real.

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