Frotcast 250: Game Of Thrones, The Mad Max Feminism Debate, And Obnoxious Roommate Ad Update

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Welcome to another episode of what we like to call “Comedians with Microphones Talking Movies (and sometimes Skype!)”

This week on the Frotcast, our guest is Laremy Legel from Film.Com (and the upcoming movie ‘Lightweight‘), and the topics are rape scenes in Game of Thrones and feminism in Mad Max: Fury Road.

But before we get to that, we’ve got an update on the “Startup Castle,” which you may remember from last week as the folks behind the world’s most pathos-drenched roommate ad.

It turns out, the guy who “founded” (aka rented) the Startup Castle is a former Chippendales dancer and castmember on a pirate reality show. Neat! After that we get to Game of Thrones, and whether departing from the books has made it open season on criticisms of being gratuitous/rapey/predictable. We move onto Mad Max: Fury Road and the great (misguided) “Is It Feminist??” debate. Also, we discuss Armond White’s review. Finally, we finish things off with your emails, including a question about honk shaming and a Smash Mouth story. Enjoy, and please continue Frotting.

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