New Frotcast: Discussing Mark Wahlberg’s Reincarnated Blacksmith Movie, ‘Infinite’

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Have you ever wanted to watch Mark Wahlberg play a reincarnated Japanese blacksmith who stabs a cargo plane in the wing with a samurai sword? Well then you should definitely watch Infinite on Paramount+. Have you ever wanted to listen to two guys discuss Mark Wahlberg’s Infinite on a podcast? Well then you should definitely subscribe to the Frotcast to listen to the latest episode.

That’s right, this week in bonus content, Matt and I are discussing Infinite, a movie Matt describes as “dumb guy Matrix,” which I tend to think is more Highlander meets Total Recall and Bourne remixed with Cloud Atlas. What’s undeniable, however, is that reincarnated Japanese blacksmith Mark Wahlberg forges himself a sword that he uses to stab a plane.

Our wide-ranging discussion on said topic includes, but is not limited to:

-Why Mark Wahlberg seems to be doing an impression of himself in the “say hi to your mother for me” sketch in this movie
-Why reincarnated warriors always seem to ride motorcycles
-Whether you can forge samurai swords inside a New York apartment
-What it says about our healthcare system that people are reduced to trading samurai swords that they forged inside their apartments for their psych medication.

Anyway, fun movie, fun show. This is the kind of #content you can expect from becoming a Frotcast Patron. If you like free stuff, well hey there’s lots of that, notably on our entirely-free Sopranos podcast, Pod Yourself A Gun.