Full trailer for Tim & Eric movie: Robert Loggia cuts off a lady’s finger

I know that for people who don’t enjoy Tim and Eric, Tim and Eric are basically the antichrist. So to those people, go grab a bagel or something, and meet us back here in an hour. For the rest of us…. EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie has a trailer. Me too much excited for write. Here, make bullet point list:

  • Robert Loggia cutting off an old lady’s finger
  • “Chef Goldblum”
  • Dick forehead (James Franco may sue)
  • Guy exploding a la Brian De Palma’s The Fury (aka the best scene of all time)
  • Taquito!!
  • Shrim

That’s right, some of the best selling points for Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar movie include “taquito” and “shrim,” and I’m not going to try to defend that at all. This looks awesome.

via IGN