Frotcast 401: Dueling Fyre Fest Documentaries, With Jessica Sele

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Fyre Fest was one of the most entertaining catastrophes of the social media age, so naturally we have not one, but TWO great documentaries about it — Fyre, on Netflix, and Fyre Fraud, on Hulu. Your friendly FilmDrunk Frotters have helpfully watched both of them and this week we guide you through the particulars. Jessica Sele joins this week. We discuss the societal context of the millennial grifter and of course have plenty of fun dunking on Ja Rule. Why do all tech scammers require a hip hop sidekick? 

We also discuss the Oscar nominations, and why our favorite movies, like Sorry To Bother You and If Beale Street Could Talk got snubbed, while movies like Bohemian Rhapsody, which is bad, and A Star Is Born, which is okay but Matt and Jessica hate, got so much love. And of course we finish things off with another… let’s call it “spirited…” edition of Royalty Freestyle in which Matt improvises songs about Somali pilots and having sex in a Latin American nightclub. Enjoy! 

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