Gay Oscar producer censored straight-guy kiss because of homophobia

Even if you managed to stay awake through the entire Oscars telecast on Sunday, which was almost as hard as staying awake through The King’s Speech, one thing you didn’t see was Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem’s kiss, which occurred entirely while producers awkwardly kept the camera on Penelope Cruz.  Why did they do it?  Was a joke about two straight guys kissing (which Saturday Night Live has based an entire recurring sketch on, in at least three separate shows — still hilarious, btw, guys, no really, it never gets old) too hot for the network owned by Disney?  Clearly, the answer is yes.  These gay-bashing bullies need to be punished. Punished FABULOUSLY.

As if on cue, openly gay Oscarcast co-producer Bruce Cohen is facing the ultimate Web sanction for that censored Javier Bardem-Josh Brolin smooch from Sunday night: an attacked Wikipedia bio calling him a “liar” and homophobe in cahoots with ABC.

“Bruce Cohen is a liar who claims he does not partake in the homophobia of the ABC network when clearly he does,” reads the recent addition to Cohen’s bio — a bio that includes Cohen having married his partner Gabriel Catone in 2008, worn a White Knot to the 2009 Oscars in support of same-sex marriage and earned his second Best Picture nomination that same year for co-producing Milk. [Also, he’s named ‘Bruce.’ -Ed]

ABC has issued a response saying that they have no comment on the incident.  Now, I’m no expert on tolerance, but it seems to me that blowing a dude would be the ultimate rebuttal to accusations of homophobia.  Better get going on that Twitpic, Cohen.

Ha, “rebuttal.”

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