Ja Rule’s new Christian movie lists “God” as Executive Producer

I only found out about Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins’ new movie I’m in Love with a Church Girl yesterday, (along with the fact that Ja Rule’s name is “Jeff Atkins”), and I’m still climbing down the rabbit hole. Now we have a new bullet point to add to the amazing things we already knew about this film, in which Ja Rule plays a repenting drug dealer named “Miles Montego,” the cast of which includes Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen, Martin Kove from Karate Kid II, the lead singer from DC Talk, and Big Pussy from The Sopranos.

Who on Earth could’ve put together such an amazing cast? Why, “God,” of course, who’s listed as an executive producer. He gets points on the front AND the back end, the alpha and the omega.

Here it is confirmed by multiple other sources, in case you were skeptical. As far as I know, I’m In Love with a Church Girl is the first movie ever to (PROPERLY) credit God as an executive producer, not counting Brian Grazer making all his subordinates refer to him that way. God executive produced us all, y’all. I looked up I’m in Love with a Church Girl and tried to click through to God’s IMDB page to see what other work he’d done, but my face melted off like the end of Indiana Jones before the page could finish loading.

[thanks to JLichman for the tip]