This Week In Movie Posters: The Wait For ‘Hail, Caesar’ Begins

Senior Editor
01.11.16 31 Comments

This Week In Posters is back, and this week, we start with All Roads Lead to Rome, which is clearly a rom-com starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Pretty self-explanatory, the designer really didn’t have to do much heavy lifting here. I’m also going to assume that the male interest is Italian. Partly because the lead actor’s name is “Raoul,” but mostly because of that diagonal suit pocket. Why do all Italian men wear asymmetrical clothing? Is there a special shop for that? “Mamma mia, lookata thees-a suit-a pocket! She’s a-side-a-ways! Bellissima!”

Also, does anyone else wish this was called “Rome If You Want To” and had the B-52s singing the theme song? Just me then? Okay, fine.

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