Haley Joel Osment is back and he’s gay in ‘Sassy Pants’

It’s strange how little we’ve heard from Haley Joel Osment since he was the next big thing back in the late 90s. Even Frankie Muniz’s name would occasionally be in the news when he was Twitter-beefing with Shia LaBeouf (and who could forget the infamous Muniz-Labeouf Twitter beef of 2010? Certainly not me!), but Haley Joel? Hardly a peep! Well now he’s back, and by back, I mean starring in the kind of indie movies he has been for the past few years now, but this time as a flamboyant gay man in a film called “Sassy Pants.” See? That’s how you get the public’s attention.

In the film, Osment, plays Chip Hardy, the boyfriend of Ashley Rickards’ (Awkward) father, played by Napoleon Dynamite and Office Space actor Diedrich [Two Chicks, Man] Bader.
The movie revolves around Rickards, who plays a teenage girl with a gay dad and overbearing mom, who is trying to get a job and go away to college. [THR]

Sadly, other than Osment’s faaabulous outfit, the movie actually looks pretty boring. And for me the question isn’t whether Haley Joel Osment is gay, it’s how it was that his mom died of AIDs in Forrest Gump, but then he didn’t contract it until later, when he was on Walker Texas Ranger. It’s a medical mystery.