Happy Monday, Here Are Three New Clips From 'White House Down'

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06.24.13 5 Comments
"Yo we need to get back into the Heat game!"

“Yo we need to get back into the Heat game!”

You guys have to excuse me if I seem a little giddier than usual, but today is Christmas Eve for me. I don’t ever get to go to any screenings (unless they’re for completely awful films and nobody else wants to go), but when I heard that there were screenings for both RED 2 and White House Down near me this week, I called in every favor I had and sold all three kidneys (my parents were smokers) to lock mine up.

So as I continue to prance around my house, singing White House Down carols in preparation for tomorrow’s showing, I am happy to share with you other good little playboys and fly boos these three new clips from White House Down, starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, that were released over the weekend. Now, is it a coincidence that Christmas features the story of three wise men and this post contains three clips? Or how about baby Jesus being born in a manger while C-Tates was conceived in a lowered Ford Ranger?

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but I think I’m on to something huge.

So we have the “No, no! I’m a normal dude, please don’t shoot!” moment…

The “everything but the kitchen sink” kitchen fight scene…

And not just the hero running from helicopter gunfire, and not just the rooftop brawl, and not just the out-of-control helicopter crash, but also the helicopter blades almost mowing a guy down. This movie has EVERYTHING.

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