Harrison Ford is joining Anchorman 2

Hot off the presses comes the news that Harrison Ford, who once played a crotchedy news anchor in that one movie about

Ford will play a legendary newscaster a la Tom Brokaw in the Adam McKay-helmed comedy, which begins shooting this month in Atlanta. [THR]

Pretty much every comedy actor you’d ever heard of at the time had at least a cameo in Anchorman, and the sequel adds to the originals Kristen Wiig, as Brick Tamlan’s wife, James Marsden, who won me over on 30 Rock, as a “hot young anchor,” and now Harrison Ford. And supposedly they’re trying to get Jeff Bridges to play a “Ted Turner-esque character.

We could spend all day discussing the inherent difficulties in trying to recapture the magic of a beloved comedy classic (Caddyshack 2 anyone? The Austin Powers sequels?), but I’d much rather spend this time speculating about what Harrison Ford’s character’s name will be. Ron Bergundy, Veronica Corningstone, Brick Tamlan, Wes Mantooth – the best thing about Anchorman was the names. What could Harrison Ford’s character’s name be? We’ve compiled a list of possibilities:

Teak Frenchwater

Vint Greyfeather

Tap Nightengale

Chan Fleetbottom

Spenson Applewater

Rock Leatherby

Brent Beaglefeather

Flick Wienerbutter

Trench Wiemaraner

Branch Pizzlefather

Miff Gibbonshitter

Herb Roflcopter

Feel free to add your own, but I’m almost 90% sure that Adam McKay is going to want to use Herb Roflcopter.