‘Haunted Gay Vampire Ring’ & Morning Links

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07.20.11 8 Comments

There’s no way I could sum this up better than commenter BK when I showed this to her, “One ring to rule the mall.” |via Regretsy|

Meme Watch: The Resurrection of Guido Jesus |UPROXX|

Fun with the New Two and a Half Men Ads |Warming Glow|

In Case You’re Wondering, Michael Jordan Is Still Michael Jordan |With Leather|

Joe Johnston Wants to Make a Boba Fett Movie? |Gamma Squad|

Beyonce Covers Complex, Says Jay-Z Fathered Generations |Smoking Section|

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon perform the history of rap part 2. |TheDailyWhat|

Here’s Rebecca Black’s new music video. Not as catchy as the other one, sadly. |Videogum|

Coco Ice wore a bikini, and looks tastefully restrained as always. |TheSuperficial|

Classic car commercials for classically crappy cars. |HolyTaco|

And elsewhere, in Lone Ranger casting news… |ScreenJunkies|

The 10 Best Fake Talk Shows |Topless Robot|

7 Actresses Who Seem to Go Out of Their Way to Be Topless |Unreality|

The 15 Best Minor “Break Bad” Characters, Ranked By Crazy |Buzzfeed|

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