Philip Seymour Hoffman + ‘Her’ Is Exactly What It Sounds Like And It’s Fantastic

Given that Scarlett Johansson plays a disembodied voice from Joaquin Phoenix’s computer in Her, the mash-up possibilities were virtually endless. But when someone sent me one with the subject “Her + Philip Seymour Hoffman,” I started giggling uncontrollably before I’d even clicked. See, there’s a certain Philip Seymour Hoffman phone call from a certain movie that I knew would fit perfectly. I spent the whole first part of the video waiting for it, and the whole second part squealing with joy that it had been included. Can you guess what it is?

Did you guess it? That’s right, it’s from Happiness. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should. Though be warned, my friends and I spent an entire year after we saw this asking each other “are you all wet IS YOUR PUSSY ALL WET?!? (*unngghhhhhhh*)”

Which can get weird around strangers.

The YouTube comments section really comes through on this one: