Here’s Daniel Radcliffe Wearing A Baby Tee While Walking A Dozen Poodles

Your favorite wizard was seen in New York yesterday with a disgusting amount of poodles, reports Vulture. The Boy Who Lived was filming scenes for Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck, written by Amy Schumer. A little bird told me that (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

…Radcliffe was shooting a part for a movie-within-the-movie, playing while Amy’s boring long-term boyfriend confronts her about her hook-ups in a theater. Radcliffe plays a dog walker, originally written for Joaquin Phoenix, in a spoof that makes a stoned Amy Schumer unable to take her boyfriend seriously.

So I guess that’s the stunt-casting ceiling. You can do Tilda Swinton (in a role described in the script as “Tilda Swinton”) and LeBron James as himself (Bill Hader plays a doctor to famous athletes), but when it comes to Joaquin Phoenix, your wings start to melt and you land on Daniel Radcliffe, student at the Hugh Jackman School of Veincraft and Sinewy.