Here’s The Trailer For The Dean Koontz Thriller ‘Odd Thomas’

When it comes to the movie adaptations of Dean Koontz’s popular thriller and horror novels, success is not a word that typically accompanies them. “Made for TV,” sure, but not success. That is, unless you count the amazing cast of Hideaway, including Jeff Goldblum, Alicia Silverstone and the Rae Dawn Chong, or Phantoms, which I’ve been told was the bomb, yo. But maybe that’s all about to change with the affable cheesiness of Odd Thomas, which stars Anton Yelchin as the titular clairvoyant.

Co-starring Willem Dafoe and Addison Timlin, Odd Thomas is the story of a short order cook who can communicate with the dead as a means of helping them solve their murders and whatnot, but his gift becomes a burden when a strange man comes to town with a pack of pissed off demons. It’s a lot like when Bill Belichick and the Patriots play on the road. For various reasons, the film has had a bumpy production since it was announced in 2008, but it finally hits theaters and VOD on February 28.