Here’s The Trailer For ‘Zombeavers’, Destined To Be The Greatest Movie Of 2014

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Arguably the most important film that debuted at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival is Zombeavers, a campy horror-comedy about a group of hot and horny teens that heads to a cabin in the woods, only to have their vacation cut short by undead beavers. In this new trailer for Zombeavers, we’re reminded of a lot of the simple things in life, like how beaver is also a euphemism for vagina and douchebags always die first in horror movies. Watch this incredible trailer now and let me know if you were as happy as I was when the guy who wore a beanie cap while swimming in a lake meets his demise.

I’m indescribably excited about this terrible movie. If not for the beaver-zombie-woman lesbian scene, then for awesome lines like:

Bro: “I’ve never seen a beaver up close.”
Babe: “You should try going down on me once in a while.”

You don’t get dialogue like that in your comic book and Shakespeare movies. My only complaint, though, is that the beavers get to the dog. However, I have faith that the dog comes back later as a zombie. I think he’s earned it.

And the fun doesn’t stop in the trailer. Check out the tagline on this poster.