Hey, That’s Not A Tyler Perry Movie! The Best of Movie Poster Vandalism

Earlier this week, the above photo of a vandalized Wells Fargo ad tickled the blogosphere’s fancy, because we simply love making fun of Tyler Perry. The vandalized poster is a simple effort, as a brave artist (pronounced AR-TEE-STAH) took the face of Perry’s Madea from one poster and placed it on the other. Not exactly a hot stove plot for the next episode of Cold Case, unless they are willing to pay me a bucket full of cash to write it, in which case they better get Jaleel White on the phone.
This whole vandalized poster thing got me thinking, and I know that Vincenzo has been known to post a few movie items on here before, so I went searching for the best in vandalized movie posters and displays that the Internet could offer, and we struck gold with the help of our friends at i09, Saturated Entertainment, Neatorama, Slash Film, Tom Blunt, Blog-erhood, Terry’s Diary, This Blog Sucks, and my new favorite site, Defaced.
Now, this isn’t to say that we endorse vandalism of any sort, unless it’s by Banksy because we absolutely adore him! People work long and hard at producing poorly photoshopped movie posters and when they see a defaced picture of Matthew McConaughey leaning against Kate Hudson, well it’s just downright sad. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy acts of vandalism that have already occurred.

(Banner image via Best Week Ever)

Yes, it’s a TV show, but it’s referencing a movie. Get off my back, mom!

I know, big whoop, but it’s, like, irony or something.

Yeah, it’s a TV show. Whatever.

Not so much a poster as a poor advertising budget.