Is LEGO Spoiling 'Iron Man 3' For Everyone?

According to people who do ridiculous things like “read”, the Iron Man films, as well as Marvel’s The Avengers, have featured bits and pieces of a popular story arc known as “Extremis”. The six-issue story followed Tony Stark as he tried to stop a villain known as Mallen, who had been injected with a knockoff super-soldier serum like Captain America, only to turn into a super strong freak show hellbent on murderous revenge. This is important because the Extremis serum/virus may play a role in Iron Man 3, and we know this now thanks to… LEGO?

The company responsible for the greatest toys ever made has released the box design images for the new Iron Man 3 LEGOs, and right there on the box is the word Extremis, which leads us to believe that the virus is for real. But is there more? Bleeding Cool says, “Maybe.”

So, you tell me – there’s an “Extremis Solider” piloting the helicopter? And the Tony Stark and Iron Man Mk 42 armour are different figures? Is that Pepper in the Mk 42 suit? Or am I seeing things?

Well there’s definitely someone creepy and possibly matching the scarred description of Mallen driving that boat, but I think the “Pepper in the Mk 42 suit” thing is just a sloppy way of showing that you get an Iron Man figure as well as Tony Stark. And apparently Gwyneth Paltrow will have her own Iron Man suit in Iron Man 3. Also, Mandarin looks like that dude from Kill Bill.

But even if the LEGO boxes are “spoiling” the fact that the Extremis serum/virus is a part of Iron Man 3, that’s still not as bad as this third box’s spoiler. I mean, Jesus, someone is going to get fired over this.