Will Adam Sandler put down his whoopie cushions for Jason Reitman?

The only reason I don’t entirely blame Adam Sandler for his continued search for the lowest common denominator is that on the rare occasions he has attempted to make movies that weren’t extended armpit farts, the market has mostly punished him for it. Back to your fart pandering, sweatpants monkey! The invisible hand demands it!

Which is a shame, because he did some great work in Funny People, Punch Drunk Love, and to a lesser extent, Spanglish (I never saw Reign Over Me). Apparently Jason Reitman thinks so too, because the Up in the Air/Young Adult director told sources at TIFF, where he’s screening Labor Day, that he wants Sandler for his next film.

Sources say the Labor Day filmmaker is assembling a cast for a film titled Men, Women & Children; Reitman is eyeing Rosemarie DeWitt, Jennifer Garner and Adam Sandler to star, though no formal offers have been made. [HollywoodReporter]

No word on what Sandler’s response was, but I like to think he was in the tub making his shampoo bottles fight when his butler brought him the telephone. Squibbityblabbetydooo!

The film, for which Reitman has already supposedly written the script, would be an adaptation of a 2011 book by Chad Kultgen:

Chad Kultgen, cult hero and author of the buzz-generating illicit classics The Average American Male and The Lie, cuts to the quick of the American psyche like no other author writing today. In Men, Women & Children he explores the sexual pressures at work on a handful of troubled, conflicted junior-high students and their equally dysfunctional parents. From porn-surfing fathers to World of Warcraft-obsessed sons, from competitive cheerleaders to their dissatisfied, misguided mothers, Kultgen clicks open the emotionally treacherous culture in which we live—in his most ambitious and surprising book yet. [amazon]

Is this the first book ever written by a guy named Chad? I’m too lazy to research it, but I usually assume they’re too busy shredding the gnar.

“Bros: did you hear Chad and Jason made a movie together? Yeah, man, life’s so rad.”