Jean Dujardin Lets Les Bodies Hit Le Floor In ‘The Connection’

[protected-iframe id=”6ffa1aac281e7fd35811149690e68e60-60970621-60061059″ info=”” ]


We haven’t heard a lot from Jean Dujardin since he won his Oscar for The Artist in 2011 and our hearts for name dropping “Doog loss Far Bonks” in his acceptance speech. Which is a bummer, because he seems like a strange and charming character. Nonetheless he’ll have another chance to become the Gallic Christoph Waltz with The Connection, a French crime flick opening May 15th.

The Cédric Jimenez film supposedly was inspired by the same events immortalized in the 1971 Friedkin classic The French Connection, ie, drugs, sex, intrigue, murder. This trailer is a little bare bones, but thus far it sort of looks like a Stella Artois commercial with gunfights, not that there’s anything wrong with that. At the very least, it has a badass poster: