This ‘Jurassic World’ Deleted Scene Is Literally A Pile Of Crap

Jurassic World was released on DVD Tuesday, which means we’re getting to see parts not shown in theaters. (Perhaps a featurette about the shoes?) One deleted scene we’re glad didn’t make the final cut is the literal pile of crap seen above. It’s a nod (among many in this film) to Jurassic Park, but it definitely wouldn’t have moved the story forward in any useful way. Also, who would want to watch the last half of the movie with the mental image of the two leads being slathered in dino dung? That’s a very different movie.

Besides not serving the story, there’s so much else about this scene that just doesn’t make sense. First, vanilla is a tropical orchid. Why the hell would dinosaurs find its scent out of the ordinary or worth hunting? Second, who involved in the production has this fetish? Because there’s no way this wasn’t a fetish for somebody. This seems like one of those scenes filmed almost as a practical joke on the actors, or at the behest of one insistent, creepy exec, never intended to be put in the final cut. Now it will only live on as a deleted scene and an excuse for at least one person to buy the DVD and wear that sucker out like a Fast Times At Ridgemont High VHS.

What I’m saying is, I reacted to this unsettling scene like it was a pile of dung and I was Jeff Goldblum.

(Via The Mary Sue)