Kevin Bacon Bribes Wedding DJs So They Won’t Play ‘Footloose’

Kevin Bacon was a guest on Conan earlier this week, hopefully to discuss whether or not the writing on The Following will get better than “And it turns out this guy’s in the cult, too!” next season. But he also shared a story about how when he goes to weddings, he often has to declare a preemptive strike on any Danny Mastersons in the DJ booth thinking they can put him on the spot by playing the theme song to his classic film, Footloose.

“I go to the disc jockey and hand him $20 and say, ‘Please don’t play that song’,” Bacon told Conan O’Brien. ”Because, first off, a wedding is really not about me. It’s about the bride and groom.” And then he mouthed the bass line from the Kenny Loggins song because he’s Kevin Bacon and one of the coolest guys in the world like that.

But here’s my question – Are all of the people at the weddings that Kevin Bacon attends such cheapskates that they can’t go back up to the DJ and throw him $40 to make sure he does play “Footloose”? I mean, if I’m at a wedding and Bacon is there, I’m going to throw in a few bucks to make the famous guy dance, dammit.

And for some much-needed perspective…

The 1980s – when high schoolers in movies looked like they were our parents.