Kevin Costner's Bodyguard 2 Would Have Starred Princess Diana

In one of the more incredibly-unbelievable-yet-believable quotes of the year so far, Kevin Costner apparently said in an interview with CNN that he once told Princess Diana that he would “take care of her just the same way I took care of Whitney.” And, pardon me for the perceived insensitivity, but… 0-for-2, dude.

Costner told CNN that he and Princess Di had discussed a sequel to his 1992 hit film, The Bodyguard, which would have focused on a princess – actually played by Diana – who needed to be protected from the endless attention of the paparazzi and stalkers, just like what she famously went through. And of course Costner would write a little nookie into the role for himself, because who wouldn’t want to get a little princess action?

“Diana and I had been talking about doing Bodyguard 2,” he told CNN this week, with the radioactive self-assurance of a man who apparently thought this a genuine possibility. The plot would have seen his bodyguard character assigned to shield a princess from the attentions of of paparazzi and stalkers. Needless to say, forbidden romance would ensue.

“She wanted me to write it for her,” Kevin explained. “I said: ‘I’ll tailor it for you, if you’re interested. She goes: ‘I am interested.'” (Via the Guardian)

Apparently there was even a script that was in the works when Diana was killed in a tragic accident in 1997. In the sequel, the princess would have been in Hong Kong, where she’d be the target of an assassin and Costner’s Frank Farmer would protect her and get some on the side. However, we’ll never know what could have been for Diana as an actress.

Costner, on the other hand… hey, remember Bull Durham? That was a good movie.