When he was 18, Kurt Cobain got arrested for graffiti of Shaggy & Scooby Doo having sex

I suppose this is movie-related insomuch as there was a Scooby Doo movie, but really it’s just a story that demanded to be shared. So apparently there’s an MTV web feature called Rock Stories, which is basically people telling rock stories set to animation, sort of like Comedy Central did with stand up in Shorties Watching Shorties a few years back. Anyway, the most recent one features Matt Pinfield talking about discovering Kurt Cobain’s mugshot in Aberdeen, Washington.

Here’s the story (video after the jump):

“I was up in Aberdeen Township, in Washington State, which is a logging town where Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain grew up. So I went up there to do this Metallica special for MTV, and I end up with the Sheriff, who tells me that he has Kurt Cobain’s and Kris’s mugshot, from when they were 18-years-old, and would I like copies of them? And I said sure! Of course I would!

So, the story has it, Kurt used to always love to draw and illustrate. Krist said he was incredibly talented. So he used to draw on the walls back when he was a young teen, Scooby Doo and Shaggy, in compromising sexual positions, which made Krist laugh a lot. Fast forward a few years to when they were about 18-years-old, they saw that people were tagging a lot of graffiti down in Seattle. So they come back home to Aberdeen and decide that they’re going to do some themselves. Well they ended up doing it in an alleyway. So no one really saw it, but the cops were so bored in Aberdeen that they end up getting arrested. So that’s where these mugshots come from. And you can imagine seeing pimply-faced Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic in these mugshots. Brilliant story.”

Well yeah, I’m sure seeing the mugshots was cool, but what about the pictures of Shaggy and Scooby Doo having sex? I wouldn’t have left that one-horse town until Sheriff Sizzlechest made with the dog-f*cking pics. A talent like that might not have been worth much in 1986, but in 2013 it’s goldmine. It’s too bad Courtney Love killed him Kurt Cobain killed himself in the mid 90s, he could’ve gone on to become as important to the fan-fiction fetish community as he was to rock n’ roll.

Animation by Jess Inglehart.