Paul Rudd And Amy Poehler Satirize The Rom-Com In David Wain’s ‘They Came Together’

The rom-com has been frequently and rightly disparaged in recent years as marriage porn for brain dead sorority girls. And yet, most of the projects that have started as anti rom-coms have a weird tendency to turn into rom-coms themselves. That doesn’t seem to be the case with They Came Together, from David Wain and Michael Showalter, the creative team behind Wet Hot American Summer. Starring Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler, They Came Together (get it?!?) takes down all the dumb little rom-com clichés – the meet cute, the clumsy hot chick, the group of wacky friends who all represent different aspects of the protagonist, etc. etc. A movie like this has been a long time coming (get it? it’s another jizz entendre!) and there are few I’d rather see make it than David Wain and co. The trailer is missing the “girl tries on a series of dresses” montage, but I have to imagine that’s in there too.

[protected-iframe id=”e670b5d3a08ac591842893a6c8993663-60970621-45222086″ info=”″ width=”620px” height=”349px”]

It felt like Universal sort of neutered Wain’s last effort, Wanderlust, trying to make it too broad and please everyone with test screenings, but I doubt that will be an issue with the much more targeted They Came Together, which hits VOD and theaters simultaneously on June 27th. I know they’re probably making less money for this, but I can’t help but be happy about it, as a viewer. Being happy that your favorite comedy people are doing smaller-budgeted movies is sort of like having that friend you want to stay an alcoholic. Sure, he’s probably ruining his liver, but it’s nice to have a guy to drink with whenever you need him.

[via TheFilmStage]