Let ‘Dom Hemingway’ Charm Your Socks Off In Six New Clips

We’re still more than a month away from the release of Dom Hemingway in the U.S. (April 2, you bloody wankers), so it’s becoming a little irritating to keep having to watch the new clips and trailers that remind us that this movie looks so darn delightful. But I guess that’s just our fault for not living in England (or practicing frowned upon movie-viewing practices) and being able to see the dark comedy about an ex-con on the rebound, so we’ll just have to keep settling for the videos that 20th Century Fox is being generous enough to give us.

Fox has actually launched the website I Am Dom Hemingway and included six new NSFW clips that show the titular safe cracker and sh*tty dad in action, and just send me a screener of this movie already, Fox. I don’t care about the rest of these people. I would just like to watch this now, thank you.

(H/T to Indiewire)