Lights Camera Jackson Went To A Donald Trump Rally

Two things that never cease to creep me out are child actors and local news personalities. Combine both of them and you get Lights Camera Jackson, aka Jackson Murphy, a news personality from the Albany area who’s been fascinating/terrifying us since 2010, when he was just 11. He still makes news from time to time, like when he made a crappy joke about Amy Schumer.

This week he went to a Donald Trump rally, tweeting: “You know who is at the TU. #Trump #Albany”

Before the event, he tweeted wondering if anyone needed a correspondent, and the jury is still out on whether LCJ, who will be old enough to vote in the upcoming election, is an honest-to-God Trump supporter or just aspiring to do more political coverage. Frankly, neither would be surprising. Creepy boy-men abound in both fields (as they do in film criticism, people in glass houses, etc).

Why am I writing about this kid? Surely he isn’t newsworthy, is he? Well, I wish he wasn’t, but keep in mind, he’s been on Leno, Fox & Friends, Ebert Presents: At The Movies, and more morning shows than you can shake a prompter at, eventually winning a New York State Emmy Award in 2010 for “On Camera Talent: Commentator/Editorialist,” presumably beating out a waterskiing squirrel. He still seems to show up at all the awards shows and is a member of multiple critics associations, so plenty of people are culpable in turning him into… well, whatever he is today.

The only thing creepier than a kid pretending to be an adult is a kid pretending to be a local news personality. Which is essentially a kid, pretending to be an adult, pretending to be a mannequin. It would be beyond perfect if that ersatz mannequin threw his plaster and tweets behind Donald Trump, the internet commenter of presidential candidates. Though it might be even more perfect that he managed to attend a Trump rally without saying anything substantive about it at all.

In the meantime, he has some fond memories to share with us about grilled cheese.

“Donald Trump is a presidential candidate! Also, I am very enthusiastic about your #brand, meep morp.”