The Marine Corps Ball Just Got Awkward, Thanks to Linda Hamilton. Wait, what?

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07.20.11 18 Comments

Army Dog says: "Boy, Linda looks ruff!"

As with any Internet meme or YouTube trend, things are bound to get old after one too many people gets in on the joke. In the case of recent celebrity invitations to the Marine Corps Ball on October 29, well, it started off cute and fun, and now it’s pretty weird thanks to 54-year old Terminator actress Linda Hamilton, who is apparently trying to scoop up Betty White’s sloppy seconds.

Last week, Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis made a YouTube video asking lovable geriactress Betty White to be his date to the ball. This was, of course, in response to Sgt. Scott Moore asking Mila Kunis, followed by Cpl. Kelsey De Santis asking Justin Timberlake. While Kunis and Timberlake have accepted (if their schedules don’t conflict, which they probably will), White outright declined because of her busy TV schedule. And that’s where Hamilton steps in:

“Rumor has it that you like your actresses vintage… I know that I am no Betty White, but I would be really, really thrilled if you can’t find anyone else to go to the ball with you, I could go. I’m only half as mature as she is, wink wink, but I am twice as funny, so I think that works out!”

I don’t know what the “wink wink” refers to, but I’m going to assume that if Lewis takes her he’s going to get laid. At least he’ll have a story to tell. Check out Hamilton’s plea for attention after the jump, and then join us as we run our memories through a car wash.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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