Liza Minnelli Was On The Losing End Of Ellen's Awesome Oscars Selfie

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03.03.14 21 Comments

Last night’s delightful Academy Awards selfie moment orchestrated by host Ellen Degeneres has already been broken down by more people than the Zapruder film, but it deserves it because it’s a pretty awesome photo. In fact, if we could just get Julia Roberts cropped out of it or replaced by anyone who isn’t Julia Roberts, it might be the best photo ever taken at the Academy Awards. Hell, we could replace her with Liza Minnelli, because she was actually trying to get into the photo as it was happening, but it’s tough for an older lady to get past a total hunk like Channing Tatum when she’s apparently barely taller than the back of the seat in front of her.

So how do we know that Minnelli wanted into the photo? Because someone got a photo of the selfie from behind and I have been laughing at Minnelli’s misfortune all morning.

Hey, at least she got to witness her mom’s legacy honored after Ellen called her a drag queen. The night wasn’t a total loss for Minnelli.

(H/T to Guyism)

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