Frotcast 337: Guest Justin Halpern, On Critical Consensus And ‘Creative Differences’

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06.22.17 16 Comments

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This week on the Frotcast, Justin Halpern, recently of Powerless, joins to talk about his cancelled show being Adam West’s final screen credit, accuse Vince of being the new Armond White, and tell apocryphal stories about Lord and Miller on the set of Method Man shows. We talk about the critical hive mind, what Lord and Miller must’ve done to get canned from the Han Solo Star Wars movie, DC fans, Marvel, and more. This week’s hosts are me, Vince Mancini, and Matt Lieb from AJ+/The Star Wars Show. Frot on!


4:55 – A Brief Visit from Fake Bret

6:30 – Talkin’ Otto Warmbier

11:30 – Talkin’ All Eyez On Me and music biopic tropes

15:25 – Justin Halpern joins via Skype

28:00 – Justin’s story about Lord and Miller and Method Man

30:00 – Speculating about the Lord and Miller/Star Wars split

31:40 – Justin brings in RESEARCH, to bolster his Vince Mancini/Armond White theory.

55:00 – The Mummy, and Justin’s incredible story about getting negged by Brendan Fraser’s publicist.

1:00:00 – The Case Against Keith Olbermann

1:26:00 – Royalty Freestyle for Emmett

1:29:33 – Royalty Freestyle for Matthew C.

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