Miley Cyrus is in a movie, needs a decongestant

A lot of people don’t know that when Miley Cyrus was out eating penis cakes and showing her cooter to everyone (everyone with a telephoto lens trained on her cooter, that is), she was actually promoting her newest movie, LOL. Starring Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, and all your favorite booger-faced milk babies from the Disney Channell, the newest trailer was just released today. Miley plays “Lola,” who everyone calls “Lol” for short. Though she also says her goal is to “find love… and laugh out loud” in the first five seconds of the trailer, just in case you didn’t get the double meaning of the title. Jeez, did Tyler Perry write this? What’s her full name, Lola Oflmao?

Also, I’m not a doctor, but she seems to have a serious nasal blockage issue. There’s no way a voice sounds like that if you can breathe out of either nostril. People can stand to listen to this for more than five seconds? There was a whole film crew standing around and no one did anything? I would’ve been calling an ambulance. “Hello, 911? Come quick! This hillbilly’s got something stuck up her nose!”

The best part of this? When I first watched the trailer, there was a political ad at the beginning. LOL indeed.