Montana Fishburne Attempted Suicide?

With news that the 4th and 5th Matrix films will not happen, Laurence Fishburne has some extra time on his hands, and back in August he chose to spend it hiring a private investigator to follow his daughter around. Montana Fishburne is currently facing criminal assault charges, but she took advantage of her daddy’s concern in the most beneficial way imaginable – she staged a suicide attempt.

Knowing that her dad’s P.I. was filming her, Montana pretended to drink a glass of bleach in a “failed” suicide attempt. Her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, thought the attempt was real and used the video to convince the prosecutor to agree to a sentence of rehab and no jail. The prosecutor agreed and Montana went on to get the help that she so desperately needed.

Haha, just kidding everyone!

The tape has become relevant in the ongoing criminal assault case against Montana because her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, had sent the tape to the prosecutor to demonstrate her client’s troubled mental state and help get a plea deal that involved rehab, not jail time. The prosecutor agreed to the deal, but has since disavowed it and wants her to do jail time. (Via TMZ)

Hopefully the judge and prosecutor will agree to stick with the rehab sentence so we’re not deprived of Montana putting things in her precious monkey fufu. As for the bleach, it would have only been the 9th most disgusting substance Montana has ingested in 2011.