Armie Hammer’s mugshot is the popped collaredest

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01.27.12 13 Comments

People truly underestimate the PR value of a pleasant-looking mugshot. For instance, this is Armie Hammer, star of The Social Network and J. Edgar, taken after an arrest in November (for some reason the mugshot only surfaced recently). No one seemed to care much about it, which I think would have to be different if he’d looked like this:

Lesson? Always smile for your mugshot.

Armie Hammer looks like the most clean cut criminal of all-time in this mug shot — snapped moments after his arrest for marijuana possession in Texas.
Armie was popped back in November … in Sierra Blanca, TX — the same town where Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg were busted.
Police claim they found three pot cookies during the bust … and one brownie.
Prosecutors dropped the case because Armie was only alleged to have .02 ounces of weed. He spent a day in jail before paying a $1,000 bond. [TMZ]

Of course he’s clean cut, he’s a Winklevoss for Christ’s sake. Not even getting arrested high on pot cookies could un-pop that collar. Only a true blue-blood could be that calm under the circumstances. I probably would’ve been crying and shitting my pants while demanding the police call an ambulance to figure out why time was going by so slow.

“I’m 6.5,” .02 THC and there are three of me.” -Tyler Winklevoss’s pot cookie.

After this, Armie’s meeting Bradley Cooper for crab cakes while they wait for cousin Cumberbatch’s flight in from Heathrow.

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