Morning Links with Genocide Chic & Offensive Lobster Dog

Oh, Smokahontas, you had me at “Happy Trail of Tears.” [Thanks to Laremy for the tip]

Smell Their Feet: The Greatest Child Halloween Costumes That Will Ever Show Up At Your Door |UPROXX|

NOT OKAY: You know that ad campaign where people who love being offended try to look all sad about dumb Halloween costumes? This is like that, but not all obnoxious and PC, and with Lobster Dog. WE’RE A CRUSTACEAN, NOT A COSTUME. |via|

Frotcast 71: Spielberg, Voice Mails, Rum Diary, More Seagal or Porn Star |Film Drunk|

Yay, A Jim Gaffigan Show! |Warming Glow|

“When Rappers Get Day Jobs”: J-Zone Explains What Happens After Rap |Smoking Section|

A Smartphone Docking System In My Prosthetic Arm? Sure Why Not |Gamma Squad|

The 10 Best Vicious Football Hits You’ll See This Week: Kids Edition! |With Leather|

14 Punctuation Marks That You Never Knew Existed |Buzzfeed|

Spend your Halloween with Hipster Frankenstein. |Screenjunkies|

13 horror movies and the “true stories” they’re based on. |Ranker|

Courtney Stodden, before she turned into a giant whore. |TheSuperficial|

John Hodgman, the deranged millionaire. |MentalFloss|

Jenny P is great at the old untie-the-bikini sexily trick. |GorillaMask|

Ken Jennings is the 99%. |Videogum|

Smashing pumpkins at 1000 FPS. |HolyTaco|

Freddie Kruger edges out Samara Morgan in a poll for the scariest horror movie character |FARK|

5 Bizarre Killing Sprees That Never Got Solved |The Smoking Jacket|

When Celebrities Attack of the Day |The Daily What|

Turning Movie Posters Into Cartoons |Unreality|

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