Good news, everyone, they made another Chucky movie.

Being the Child’s Play historians I know you all are, you no doubt already know that the Child’s Play franchise started in 1988, the brainchild of the handsomely-named Don Mancini, and that there have since been five installments, the last in 2004, starring Redman and Jennifer Tilly. That one was Mancini’s directorial debut, and he did such a good job that he’s back just nine years later with the direct-to-DVD Curse of Chucky.

The most notable castmember this time around is Brad Dourif, the original voice of Chucky returning to voice him yet again, and father of Fiona Dourif, who stars in the film, eight years after making her acting debut as “Chez Ami Whore” in three episodes of Deadwood.

It looks, uh… well, it looks like a direct-to-DVD Chucky film, that’s for sure. It could definitely use some Redman.

I’ll be honest, I never quite understood the appeal of these films. What questions do you have going into this that desperately need answering? Ooh, let me guess, the doll kills people? Wow, I never saw that one coming. I think the “curse of Chucky” is that you have to keep making Chucky movies.

Also, everyone talks about how Chucky’s scary because he’s a doll, but really, isn’t it mostly because he’s a ginger? Problem Child is basically the same movie, where the kid even looks exactly the same but isn’t a doll. Thus I contend that the “evil” element is being a ginger. Discuss.